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Da Kine’s Kava

Grab some kava to help relieve your stress and anxiety!

We are now offering ALL flavors of our kava in our online store, with FREE shipping and FREE local delivery for our refrigerated flavors. ?

That means you can get Hibiscus Lemonade ?, Guava Colada ?, Cucumber Mojito ?, Ginger Beet ?, and Traditional Kava ?, or mix and match to your heart’s content.


ALL THE HOURS. We were laid off from our day jobs so we have all the time in the world.

How to make an order:

If you choose Local Delivery when you place your order, we will send you an email shortly afterwards to confirm a date and time for delivery.

Cocoa Cinnamon

Order drinks, pastries, and churros for pickup from our three Durham Cocoa Cinnamon, or for delivery from our 2013 Chapel Hill Rd. Lakewood location. We also offer a batch brew box of 96 oz of freshly brewed coffee. You can also add a bag of coffee from our roastery Little Waves Coffee, to your order! Visit our online store, select the location you would like to pick up from, or select Lakewood if you would like delivery option (must be within delivery zone).



How to make an order:

Park in our parking lot, and come to the door. There will be a pickup table with your name and order on it. There will be a barista to help you if you have any questions.

Jeddah’s Tea

Jeddah's Tea offers an extensive selection of organic, fair-trade & direct-sourced traditional, prized and seasonal teas. Try our loose-leaf teas, prepared concentrates, cold brew coffee concentrate and heavenly candles by Maha's Candle Co. (our 9yo daughter).


Tu-Th 2-5p, for order pick-ups.

How to make an order:

When you pull up to the store, you may either enter or call us at (919)973-3020 and we'll bring your order right out!

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