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Durham & Orange Counties, NC

Our local businesses and farms need us, and we need them!

Wondering how you can pitch in and support local businesses during this unprecedented time? This directory – featuring restaurants, food artisans, farmers, retailers, service providers, etc. – is designed to share ever-changing information about who’s offering online gift cards, who’s utilizing curbside service, who’s shipping products, who’s offering virtual consultations and more. You’ll also find information about how to Venmo our small business friends in need.

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Add a Listing

Create a listing for a business you own or add a listing for someone else. The business will be notified by email when you create a listing on their behalf.

Step 3

Support Local Businesses

Use the site's search tools to find businesses and see what ways they are continuing to serve their customers.

Our Goals

  • Organize and list changes to small businesses in Durham and Orange Counties in response to social-distancing
  • Make it easy for folks to continue to buy from and support their favorite small business

Make an account to add your Durham or Orange county business. Farms that service Durham and Orange counties are invited to create a listing as well.

This directory is intended to support the businesses in our community that are most at risk due to COVID-19 closures by providing a platform to publish and update changing operational information like hours and types of services.

Customers can use this directory to search for businesses by many factors, including location, types of service, restaurant category, and more.

Listings are created and managed by the community. Anyone can create an account an publish a business. Businesses are notified by email when a business listing is created with their email address. We also do our best to moderate posts to ensure accuracy and fair use.

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